Feb 22, 2012

Is My WordPress Get Hacked?

I don't know what to say. In these days I really confuse with my primary blog (darinholic.com). It's weird, because I can't see any old posts on my dashboard! There're only comments and other tools existed, and without any single posts!

First, I fetched up. And then, looked at that zero number of post make my brain screaming. What the hell?!

Ok, all I have to do is calm down. So I try to contact my hosting's costumer service and reported all. They responded so well, in fact they remoted my laptop from distant (that amazed me so much) to check if there's any trouble with my hotspot's local DNS. But, after hours of waiting, the result was nothing. They also can't figured out what the hell happened to my connection.

I know it isn't their faults, but if this is not gonna make a good benefit for me anymore, I'm pretty sure I will find another hosting service.

Any advices from you, guys?

Oct 24, 2010

Quite Morning Coffee

Meet you again, folks.

This sunday morning was like usual. The sun comes and immediately cook whole city as I prepare for my morning coffee. It's bloody hot indeed, but for coffee? I think that's unquestionable. This is Kupang guys, and you won't ask why people here were loving so much sip their coffee cup although the day was hot. In Bahasa, it calls: tiada hari tanpa kopi.

Little story about my works, all my friends at road database project went home at this early morning. So it wasn't surprise that I enjoy my morning ritual alone. No noises. Peace. But still, hot.

So, how about you? Is it hot there?

Oct 23, 2010

Long Time No See!

Hello fellas, how are you?

Seems this blog has quitely not on its best performance, yes I agree, and I thought you all would think as well as me. Actually it's little embarrasing to tell you a whole story, cause I afraid that could irritate your blogging session *lol*.

Ok, here I am. Like a dwarf woke up from his secret tree, I suddenly got surprised while typing words by words in this blog. Strange. As you already know, English is not my primary language, nor secondary, and I must thinking so hard to make it tertiary. But who cares? Unless if this blog boosted some bucks to my pocket, it doesn't matter. That's how I mention again in this blog's description: just write it, no matter what..

I want to be a writer, that's true. I always addicted with story writing, novels, books, little bit poetry, and yeah of course, analyze movie story like useless criticism. So I blog, like what I'm doing in Indonesian one, just to fulfill my curiosity, how long and how consistent I would be pretend as a writer. Sometimes I feel grateful, thank God there's blog around here :D

I assume you have a lot of questions for me, and I'll make it simple.

What Do You Do?
As far as I know, I'm an engineer at river specialty, so I often across the country just to solve water, specially in preventing specific region from flood disaster, sediment overwhelmed, and so on. Currently I did some projects at Benanain River, and it should end in the middle of September. Also made some design alteration in Embung Project, you should read my story about Embung if you ask.

Why You Tell Us?
Nothing, just make some answers. Remember what I've wrote in the opening: I assume you bla bla bla :D

Are You Kidding Us?
Hey, take it easy. I just try to make my blogging ritual smoothly, you know, like turn on your old motorcycle and you should warm it up a little bit? I do the same analogy, perhaps it work in a right way, but once again, I don't want you to care. Just read it, okey? Hey, I just an amateur, guys! *lol*

So, What Next? Don't Bore Us!
Ok, ok. I serious now. Next, I'll make this blog continuously flow, to make it as a habit, or ya..like a virtual machine which generates nerd ideas into words. I won't promise, but it would be good for the sake! Isn't it, folks?

Enough for this session, see ya in the next update!

Dec 11, 2009

Do Something, Not Just Shout!

Demonstration is the most common activities in Indonesia. If you have time to watch Indonesian TV channel (I suggest to not doing this, it waste your time and make you dumber than an idiot), you’ll see a lot of people go down to the streets and yelling something, one of them should bring a speaker. He probably walks backward and supposes to be their leader. But I think he’s like a moderator of disorder party, or such an unclassified mayorette of a disoriented drum band.

Do they speak in the name of people? The messages are clear, but the mind behind it is questionable. The fact is, people in this country turn out worse economically, socially or even mentally. It doesn't educate us at all and for me, it's like a folly.

Corruption, distrust, accumulated with lack of empowerment, and possibly spiced with provocateur made this suicidal collective action brought us to circumstances that are not getting better. They might forget about hard work. I was thinking do they have a real job instead expose themselves to the sun? Do something man, not just march in those indeterminate groups!

This country needs hard workers, and wouldn't change even you rally your entire resources. Something that should be changed is us, ourselves. How do we think, how do we act, and how do we set up ourselves to go through this blurred period.

I hope things will be better...for Indonesia.

pic source: here

Dec 9, 2009

In Kupang (again)...

I've stayed here for just two nights but it feel like a thousand nights. The smell doesn't change at all. The sun's shining at approximately 37 degrees and still..lack of water. My friend told me that I would gonna be suffered in the office's inn 'cause of that matter. I thought he's joking or - as usually - tries to throw exessive humours (that hear it's not funny at all), but it does frighten me. 2 months without water for bathing and anything for what we're doing in the toilet? Must be a worst nightmare that I would dream about!

Kupang should be an unlucky city. Placed at Timor island, Nusa Tenggara Timur Province of Indonesia which has a semi-dry climate. Rain only drops just in December and January, but I believe that's just a fake theory, 'cause the fact is there's no real rain here. It only a litte amount of water falls down to earth on temporary way. It's crazy for Sundanese like me, or anyone who live in Java island which rain drops almost everyday during wet season.

But life must go on. Hope everything're gonna be okay.

See you.